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My Story…

I got my first migraine when I was 16 years old, and it was years before a neurologist could confidently determine, "These aren't a symptom of anything else, you just have migraines." They become chronic in my 20s and have steadily increased in frequency, duration and pain level over the years right up to my current state at age 39: without the medications I take multiple times a day, my migraines are daily, constant, and debilitating. Even with medication, a myriad of lifestyle controls, and years of experience in identifying and trying to avoid all my known triggers, I still experience some level of migraine on a regular basis.

My dearest wish is that the generations after me will have even more resources than I currently have, and perhaps even some day a cure for this incredibly complex, hard-to-pin-down neurological disease. As this is a condition I will likely live with for the rest of my life, I have turned to advocacy as a way to ensure my struggles and hard-won knowledge mean something and can be put to use in order to help others like me. This run, which I've done every year it's been available in Houston, is one way for me to spread awareness. I'll happily be the "friend with migraines" if it means those around me can gain empathy for invisible illnesses and the hidden struggles of those around them.

This year, I'm running with my older son to show him what advocacy for something you care deeply about can look like. My greatest fear is that my sons will inherit my migraines, and while I dearly hope that is a bridge we never have to cross, I also want them to know that surrounding yourself with a caring, compassionate community can help get you through even the most trying situations.

If you're able to donate to my cause this year, I would greatly appreciate it!

~ Lindsay

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Mar 25 Sondra Malling & Steve Bogdaniec $26.59
Mar 25 Mom and Dad Yea! $198.92
Mar 22 Helen S and Patrick C Merchant Plan your run and run your plan. Everybody benefits when an illness is cured. Undisclosed amount
Mar 19 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Feb 05 Sue K $106.38
Feb 05 Adeline Smith Run like the wind, Lindsay and Robert! $26.59
Feb 03 MomandDad GoLindsGo! $265.94
Jan 25 Kathy Davis 26.59 Run the best you can, Linds and Robert! $26.59
Jan 20 Pam Ballard Run Lindsay Run! I hope they find a cure soon!! $53.19
Jan 19 Lissa Stinson Love you, sis! Undisclosed amount